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Enhancing Safeguards for US Signals Intelligence Activities

President Biden October 7, 2022 Executive Order on Enhancing Safeguards for US Signals Intelligence Activities –  Towards an Updated EU-US Privacy Shield Framework  When the European Court of Justice issued its decision on Schrems and Facebook Ireland v. Data Protection Commissioner in July 2020 (Schrems II),[1] it triggered a brutal disruption and stoppage in the operations of the EU-US […]

Privacy Shield after Schrems 2: What to Do Next?

Since the publication of the EU Court of Justice decision in the Schrems 2 case, many organizations that send or receive personal data of EU/EEA residents have been struggling to find reliable, viable means to ensure the continuity of the data flows emanating from the EU/EEA, and the privacy protections needed for this data. The guidance provided […]

EDPB Issues 12 FAQs but More Specific Guidance Needed

One week after the publication of the decision of the European Court of Justice in the Schrems 2 case,   the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), which is primarily comprised of representatives of the supervisory authorities of the EU Member States, has issued a first series of Frequently Asked Questions to help affected entities analyze, and react to, the EUCJ […]

European Court of Justice Schrems 2 Decision Creates Havoc in Global Digital Exchanges: Significant Challenges to Privacy Shield and Standard Contractual Clauses Users

For months, the global digital trade community has been awaiting the decision of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) in the “Schrems 2” case, a case that focused on conditions for the transfer of personal data from the European Union to the United States.  The details of the original complaint that was filed initially against Facebook […]

Failure to Meet Data Retention and Data Minimization Obligations In Germany Results in a € 14.5 Million fine

The abundance of storage space and the increased pressure to keep interacting with current or former customers prompt businesses to collect large amounts of data, and retain as much of this data as possible, often well beyond actual useful period. Too often, businesses may not spend the time and resources necessary to periodically audit their […]

Google Troubles with the French CNIL

CNIL v. Google (January 2019) In January 2019, the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) CNIL published a “deliberation” concerning alleged violations of the GDPR by Google LLC., assessing a 50 million Euro fine to Google. The investigation into Google’s practices was initiated after the receipt of received complaints by two non-profit organizations regarding certain […]

Facebook Antitrust Trouble in Germany

BunderKartellamt v. Facebook (February 2019) In February 2019, the Bundeskartellamt – Federal Cartel Office (FCO) – Germany’s competition law authority, issued an antitrust ruling against Facebook. The FCO observed that because of Facebook’s dominant position on the market, users feel compelled to sign up and agree to its data handling policies regardless of the terms. […]

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