Because Privacy Matters



1.     No Legal Advice

We are providing access to our website (“Website”); social media properties (“Social Media”); or blog, RSS feed, and HTML-formatted email messages that link to this Privacy Notice (“Newsfeed”), and their respective content (collectively, the “Platform)” for educational purposes only. Our Platform presents general information. It is not intended to be a source for legal advice.  You should not rely on any information provided as such. You should not act upon this information without advice of competent counsel in your home jurisdiction.

2.     No Attorney Client Relationship

The information provided on our Platform, and any interaction between you and us through the Platform are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Communicating with us on the phone, by email or otherwise does not in any way create an attorney-client relationship

To obtain legal counsel or legal services, you must first establish an attorney-client relationship with an attorney and sign an engagement letter. Until you do so and receive a fully executed engagement letter, signed by both you and an attorney, you have not hired an attorney, and have not become a client of DataMinding.


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